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Client: Competition Entry for Architectural Foundation


Yocto-Living is your chance to make the most of London’s fast paced, vibrant lifestyle!

Yocto-Living understands that London’s biggest contributors spend most of their time in the city creating the buzz that puts London on the map. For this reason Yocto-Living has created a place where resting up before a hard day’s work/play is the priority and recognises that all other facets of daily life can be better enjoyed out in the city.


GLA’s minimum space standards : 1b1p = 37m2
Micro Living: 1 bed apartment = 40m2
Student studio apartment: 1 Bed = 22m2

Yocto-Living: Stackable living system: 40x 1 Bed = 40m2 + 8no. Penthouses

Penthouse Cabins unfortunately have limited availability so get in quick to secure a unique view of East London.


Sleeping: Yocto Living Cabin - see Cabin Anatomy
Toilet: Yocto Living Toilet Facility (Preperation Area)
Kitchen: Mobile food delivery membership required (Please note - Yocto living does not permit food to be consumed on site so this will need to be consumed in nearby public eating areas)
Human Washing: Gym membership required at a gym of your choice
Clothes washing: Dry cleaning & Laundry membership required
Transport: Bicycle parking provided off-site